Half Hour Late

Half Hour Late is the musical equivalent of a party you never want to leave. The San Diego-based rock quartet has concocted a unique sound, blending many of their favorite musical styles to create their own flavor.

With melodies that you'll be humming in the shower, their records are quintessential of feel-good anthems. It's no wonder that the band got nominated at the San Diego Music Awards for "Best Pop Album" in 2022, and for "Best Rock Artist" in 2023.

Live Performance

Half Hour Late is a true live band. The band, which has been playing together for almost 3 years, has made a name for itself for offering the most colorful, entertaining, electrifying live performances. The 4 piece has a chemistry on stage that is undeniable. With their charismatic and energetic frontman, Half Hour Late brings the highest vibes and sure knows how to light up a crowd on fire.


TV Interviews

When it comes to creativity,

Half Hour Late doesn't do simple. A video shoot? That turns into a rock-climbing adventure. A photoshoot? Why not throw in some paragliding while they're at it. These guys have an uncanny ability to turn the mundane into the extraordinary.

Beyond their music, Half Hour Late's creativity truly knows no bounds. Nothing is predictable. Their approach to art is marked by a fearless commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring the unexpected.

Music Videos

STAY TUNED for Half Hour Late's Self-Titled album coming up in 2024

Release date TBA...

2024 :

  • Headliner at North Park Beer FEST
  • Headliner at Encinitas Street Fair
  • WonderFront FEST
  • Karnival of the Arts West FEST
  • California Spring Tour (March - 13 dates)
  • Canadian Summer Tour (Spring '24 - TBA)

2023 :

  • Sold-out Viper Room, Hollywood
  • Headline Music Box, San Diego
  • 3x Sold out Winstons (OB)
  • House of Blues, San Diego
  • California Spring Tour
  • East Coast Fall Tour (NJ, NYC, PA)
  • OB St-Patrick Day Festival
  • OB Summer Street Fair
  • Karnival of the Arts West FEST
  • Venice Summer FEST

2022 :

  • Nomination "Best Pop Album 2022" at SDMA
  • 5x Sold-out Winstons, OB (~300)
  • US summer tour ~ Coast to Coast
  • Karnival of the Arts West FEST (CA)
  • Karnival of the Arts East FEST (PA)
  • OB Oktoberfest (~3000)