About us

Half Hour Late is the musical equivalent of a party you never want to leave.

The San Diego-based rock quartet has concocted a unique sound, blending many of their favorite musical styles to create their own flavor.
With melodies that you'll be humming in the shower, their records are quintessential of feel-good anthems. It's no wonder that the band got nominated for "Best Pop Album " award at the 2022 SDMA for their debut album "Busy Chillin."

"The stage is what they were built for"

Half Hour Late's stage presence is engaging and eccentric, leaving fans hungry for another show.
Live performances represent their very essence; great music and pure, unadulterated fun.

When it comes to creativity,

Half Hour Late doesn't do simple. A video shoot? That turns into a rock-climbing adventure. A photoshoot? Why not throw in
some paragliding while they're at it. These guys have an uncanny ability to turn the mundane into the extraordinary.

Beyond their music, Half Hour Late's creativity truly knows no bounds. Nothing is predictable. Their approach to art
is marked by a fearless commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring the unexpected.

With another album and tour on the horizon for 2024, Half Hour Late is gearing up for another wild year.

Their music is a melting pot of diversity, their performances an invitation to the ultimate party, and their adventurous spirit the cherry on top. As they continue to push the boundaries of music in every way they can, the future looks bright for this band, and promises to keep fans on the edge of their seats.